Garden & Boxes

If you aim to have a living space that captures all of life’s vibrancy, why not grow your very own herbs garden indoor? Sometimes having “the green” inside home isn’t an easy task, mostly if the space is small. However, there is always a way to bring a touch of nature close to us.

Many kitchen gardeners love the convenience of fresh herbs at home, nothing more convenient than having them growing within your reach. Even living in a small place without a patio or backyard, we can do it. The ideal setting for an indoor herbs garden is the kitchen, where it is possible to snip fresh herbs and use them in dishes without skipping a beat. Can you imagine that entire aroma filling the space in the kitchen? If you don’t have a spot in your kitchen, though, you can still grow herbs in any sunny room.

Thinking about it, Ricardo Rodrigues – product designer, drew in 2010 in Brazil – the Plant Shelf a “garden in a box” (see pictures). The concept behind it was that anyone anytime could grow at home, even in your kitchen, fresh herbs. After that, so many ideas arose around the world. We can see indoor and outdoor wall gardens, also named vertical gardens, being used as decorating for restaurants, cafés, casinos, stores, and homes.

Most of the DIY (do it yourself) vertical garden ideas are inexpensive, as well as many garden planters available in stores and e-commerces.

The time we spend gardening and preparing fresh food is, also, a moment of relaxation when we free our minds from all everyday worries and just enjoy the simple pleasures of living.

Ready to start? Then, write or draw your ideas, check the necessary materials or the most attractive planter for your place, choose the most tasteful herbs (for you) and get to work. Garden & Boxes by Ricardo Rodrigues

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