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NDT Project Architecture works to achieve the balance between expectation and reality. That is to say, a necessity for the success of our clients.


Commercial, residential, hospitality, single & multi-family architecture offered to you by NDT Project Architecture. Furthermore we offer commercial interior design, space planning and feasibility studies for architectural projects. The client and their specific project needs, is what drives each project.



Our wealth of diverse project experience and our design-build exposure has given us expertise at the highest level of modern architecture. As a result, our team offers a full complement of services. For example, from initial design, to feasibility studies, architecture and engineering. In addition, contact us for other services that can enhance your project at whatever stage.

NDT Project Architecture by Ricardo Rodrigues South Florida

Usually the first contact is made at our office or our client’s home. Beginning the decision of the service process, it’s our pleasure to visit our client to make you comfortable. At this first moment, NDT Projects understands the client’s wishes, desires and needs. Our goal is to achieve the balance between expectation and reality, which is necessary for the project’s success. That is how NDT Projects was established and crossed borders. Today our clients and architectural projects are all in the United States, with in depth knowledge of the market.

Work Mode - NDT Project Architecture by Ricardo Rodrigues South Florida

From an initial enquiry to a completed project, is a complex process. Therefore,  at NDT Project we respect all these steps, meeting deadlines and bureaucratic requirements. Above all, an architectural project is a creation and construction process which takes time. The amount of time depends on the complexity of each project. Initial creation, the so-called pre studies, are presented in a hand-made drawing by Ricardo Rodrigues. Consequently changes in this step are made with the client until concept design and the executive process. According to the architect, “the hand-made drawing shows respect for the creation. Showing that I am dedicated to the project with all my energy. It is manual work, not to be done by a program or software.”

Personal - NDT Project Architecture by Ricardo Rodrigues South Florida

The achievements of NDT Projects until the beginning of 2020 is: 42 projects in different segments. Industrial, residential & commercial. Totaling 570 projected units.

Achievements - NDT Project Architecture by Ricardo Rodrigues South Florida




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