The Story Behind The Brand

The story behind the brand was established more than twenty years ago in a countryside town hidden in the heart of Brazil, where people used to walk around and ride bikes. It was not unusual to see horses on the road.


Experiencing this lifestyle when you are a child is inspiring. To Ricardo Rodrigues, the person behind the brand, to grow up around people who lived their lives enjoying every single miracle meant more than it does in today’s busy culture.


In the old times, simple things like growing your herbs, baking a cake, and bringing family and friends together around the table was as enjoyable as it is nowadays. However, running around and doing our everyday routine, going to work, taking the kids to school, and doing our laundry makes us too busy and too tired to think of anything else. is the idea that even as people become increasingly more sophisticated and busy each day, they still cherish and enjoy the simple things in life. But, how can we bring those feelings back into our lives?

Ricardo’s passion for design started with doodles and was realized when he graduated in Product Design and Architecture. However, it was after many challenges he began to understand that the company needed to mirror the people’s desires to fulfill their goals. Since then, he has been using his childhood experiences and his design as a tool to care for others and bring beauty to their lives.

Customers recognize him as the architect/designer who achieves the impossible, both by his ability to meet high expectations and by his commitment to the outcome. His professional fingerprint remains evident in his creative, efficient, and profitable project designs developed for each client. This is the story behind the brand NDT Design by Ricardo Rodrigues